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What is BPALogin?

BPALogin is a replacement for the Telstra supplied client for connecting and using Telstra's Big Pond Advance powered by Cable. The current implementation was written by Shane Hyde, but is now being maintained by William Rose and others based at SourceForge.

Advantages over the Telstra supplied client

BPALogin has the following advantages over the standard Bigpond LaunchPad client:

  • Does not crash like the standard one.
  • Reconnects when there is a network problem.
  • Is available for most operating systems, whereas BPA only support Windows and MacOS.
  • Can run as a service on WinNT/2000.
  • Comes with source code to allow endless customisation.

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BPALogin is not a product of Big Pond Advance. It is not maintained or supported by Telstra or Big Pond Advance -- it is maintained by William Rose and others based at SourceForge.

No warranty is made to BPALogin's usefulness, and no responsibility will be taken for loss incurred through the use or misuse of BPALogin.

Latest News

Telstra Upgrade Announcement
    wdrose - 2004-01-07 03:51   -   BPALogin

The planned Telstra upgrade is not expected to impact users of BPALogin.

From the publicly-accessible information provided it appears that Telstra have not changed the core protocol and the upgrade reflects a change in the IP address of the login servers. BPALogin by default will look up the login server IP by name and this will continue to work as needed when the changeover occurs. It may be necessary to restart BPALogin around this time.

People who have written custom firewall scripts should make sure their script will be able to handle the changing server IP address.